For many, new customer expectations, emerging tech and evolving business models are driving fresh uncertainty. Our publications help organisations understand and navigate this new reality.

The Experience Era Guide

The Experience Era is a free four-part guide from 383 designed to help large organisations currently grappling with the fundamentals of becoming an experience-led business.

We’ve scoured every C-suite, CX or product survey out there to identify four common challenges and pain points we believe many people at large companies are currently facing. It’s these pain points that are the focus of the guide

The Useful Brands Playbook

The Useful Brands Playbook is a practical look at how organisations can succeed in an era of changing customers, competitors and technology.

The free book is based on an in-depth custom study conducted by Forrester Research and includes case study examples and 10 plays brands can employ to be truly customer centric.

10 Minute Guides

Our 10 Minute Guides are a must read for any corporate entrepreneur working in digital, strategy & customer experience.

Each guide looks at the different challenges, opportunities and solutions across a particular sector or how to apply and use a specific methodology or framework. True to their proposition, they only take 10 minutes to read.

383 Blog

A collection of thought pieces from the wider team on the future of digital experiences.

From big data to proposition validation, from product reviews to future experience hypothesis, our blogs are a great place to keep pace with industry change.


Every quarter we produce a printed magazine that looks behind the scenes of future-facing businesses.

Featuring a wider look at how digital pioneers across all sectors are moving away from the status quo and looking to the future. A future where experience will be all that matters.