We’re a bunch of product people
creating useful things
to make lives better...

At 383, we believe the right digital experiences are those that accomplish two things: fulfilling the needs of your customers, while being uniquely yours.

We imagine, define and build the best experiences, keeping our clients relevant by understanding their customers and the challenges that they face, while also ensuring that what we design is uniquely part of their brand personality. Also not forgetting that customer challenges & our solutions don't always have to be just about digital though.

Our team is made up of a strong mix of talented people, with a vibrant culture and great clients. We're passionate about our mission to help big companies design the right experiences, using tools and approaches commonly found in the startup and tech world to do just that, combining an effective mixture of being commercially driven, product focused and dedicated to human centred design.

We've wrapped all of this thinking and knowledge into something we call the 383 OS - an operating system that helps us to consistently create successful experiences for our clients and their customers.

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What we do


In the imagine phase, we dig into your product experience from every angle to uncover customer needs, frictions and anxieties. These valuable insights fuel a rapid prototyping approach to ideate and validate potential solutions.


In the define phase, we take your product vision and start to kick the tyres, challenging every aspect of it to ensure it delivers solutions to your customer needs. You'll end this phase with a detailed roadmap of actions and requirements to deliver a tangible product experience to your users, from MVP to rollout.


In the build phase, we provide everything from one off project support to dedicated product development teams, as well as ongoing maintenance and optimisation. We use agile methodologies to turn validated requirements into brilliant experiences, built on solid foundations that will support your future growth.

Our Studio

Our studio is a beautiful Grade II listed building, once home to Joseph Gillott who was the first global mass manufacturer of fountain pens. After an extensive renovation in 2014, it’s now the main workspace for our growing family of 383ers.

As well as the annual 383 Weekender, there’s regular bake-offs, labs & training day tinkering, design & tech conferences and a whole bunch of interesting stuff going on!

Building a home for 383

Read about how we set about renovating a disused Victorian factory space into our state of the art studio, bringing a bit of Birmingham’s heritage back to life.

We’re also good at what we do

We’re really into practising what we preach, so we’ve picked up quite a few accolades and mentions along the way that we’re really proud of.