Our range of tools and products ensure we can help our clients to imagine, define and build the right experience for their customers. Find out more about how they can help you...

Friction Mapping

Friction Mapping is a longer programme of work designed to identify and uncover customer frictions and opportunities within any organisation, rapidly allowing us to build a holistic view of touchpoints and where they fall short of expectations.

We start by reviewing the entire end to end customer journey, highlighting areas of high user anxiety and mapping frictions against the customer needs and goals. The output is a friction map, detailing the full end-to-end customer journey, hierarchy of friction themes along with a range of potential solutions aimed at improving the customer experience.

Ideation Workshop

Our Ideation Workshops provide an initial structure for mapping the business vision, identifying the customers' goals and the frictions they face, allowing us to identify areas of focus from which to generate new propositions.

The starting point for our Ideation Workshop is to look to customers for inspiration. We utilise this workshop when we want to uncover customer frictions or unmet needs as a basis for developing new propositions, which can then lead to new digital products and experiences.

Fast-Track Sprint

Based on the Google Design Sprint, Fast-Track allows you to get to a validated proposition from zero to testable prototype within a week.

This process is fast and comprehensive, being completed within just five days. Fast-Track is a design-thinking sprint, crafted to quickly take ideas and turn them into propositions before putting them in front of real users. Using a cross functional team comprising of key client stakeholders & 383ers, we're able to quickly imagine, create and test a proposition, getting it ready to then be fully prototyped in more detail.

Prototyping Sprints

These sprints help remove the uncertainty from a proposition by creating a prototype and vision we can test with real users.

This set of sprints is invaluable for quickly gaining insights, feedback and learnings from users, testing assumptions by developing a prototype version of the full product or service. From low fidelity and highly iterative interactive early concepts, to detailed, fully animated, on-device and high fidelity prototypes, our range of approaches helps to effectively build and road test the propositions we design.

Rapid Prototyping

Finding and launching new propositions within big businesses is hard. From thinking about where to find inspiration for new ideas, to knowing which ideas to develop and test can be difficult, especially when there is so much to consider.

Our rapid prototyping framework helps you create, validate, prototype and launch new propositions in a simple 4-stage process. Find out more about how we used it to create and test new propositions for energy giant E.ON in this dedicated 10 Minute Guide to rapid prototyping.