Helping to test, validate and develop ‘ToBoot’, a new digitally enabled delivery service for Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover

Within Jaguar Land Rover lives InMotion, a team responsible for exploring the potential business models that might exist outside of their traditional manufacturing, network and service revenue streams. They wanted to see if the technology found in most modern vehicles could improve the experience of missed parcel deliveries and online order returns for drivers.

What if, instead of dealing with the hassle of not receiving items when you’re not at home, you could have them delivered directly to the boot of your car?

Our approach

Working in collaboration with the InMotion team, we spent 12 weeks building out, testing and validating business models and value propositions for the new delivery service. Following this, we conducted a phase of both quantitative and qualitative research to validate our use cases before designing the pilot.   


The result was ‘ToBoot’ – a delivery service that helps car owners who want to conveniently receive or return parcels to do so by simply placing them in their car boot and having them delivered or collected by our partners at DPD and John Lewis, saving them the time usually spent waiting for a parcel from regular delivery services. Long-term you won’t have to own a Jaguar Land Rover car to be able to use such a delivery method either, the service is brand agnostic – it works on almost all cars manufactured since 2002. It can also be used for any delivery service from DHL, DPD, Parcelforce, TNT, UKMail, UPS or Yodel.

We completely created, tested and filmed a service flow to demonstrate what the ideal user journey looked like.

The future

The service was recently covered in Forbes Magazine; it’s now live and beginning to be rolled out to more customers in 2018.