10 Minute Guide to…Navigating Innovation

Our 10 Minute Guide series is a must-read for corporate entrepreneurs working in digital, strategy & customer experience.

Innovation is hard. Many businesses set up initiatives to appear innovative by experimenting with new high profile technology, as opposed to actually being innovative by developing a strategy that responds to customer needs, technology and the market.


Whatever the reasons for failure, there’s no doubt that organisations who aren’t equipped to tackle this process risk missing opportunities at best, and fading into obscurity at worst.

Our latest 10 Minute Guide answers the question, "what is innovation and how can businesses use it to get fit for the future?"

The latest in our 10 Minute Guide series (available to download now)

In this succinct guide, we examine what exactly is meant by ‘innovation’, as well as how to ensure your organisation is ready to navigate what can be a difficult and often misunderstood process.

What's inside

  • We outline a three-stage process for starting, proving and accelerating innovation, as well as how to avoid superficial ‘innovation theatre’.
  • We take an in-depth look at how one of the UK’s leading train operators created an industry-leading startup collaboration initiative.
  • We identify the reasons your innovation programme may stall, as well as the key questions to ask to assess your innovation-readiness level.

As with all our 10 Minute Guides, this report is free to download now.

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