What we do

Right people, right solution

The best products are the ones that just work. At 383, we help our clients imagine, define, build and grow the best experiences to solve their users' problems.

Product people

From imagining entirely new propositions to building and scaling digital products, our work falls into four phases.


Uncovering insights to develop brilliant ideas


Designing solutions to customer problems


Taking powerful products from concept to reality


Launching and scaling digital products


When you’re not sure what you need to do, you just know you need to do something.

Our approach

In the imagine phase, we dig into your product experience from every angle to uncover user needs, frictions and anxieties. These valuable insights fuel a rapid prototyping approach to ideate and validate potential solutions.

  • User research & insights
  • Market analysis & trendscaping
  • Customer journey & friction mapping
  • User experience reviews
  • Value proposition development
  • Product vision
  • Ideation workshops
  • Design thinking & capability building


When you want to explore, investigate and validate an idea, vision, or proposition in more detail.

Our approach

In the define phase, we take your product vision and start to kick the tyres, challenging every aspect of it to ensure it delivers solutions to your user needs. You’ll end this phase with a detailed roadmap of actions and requirements to deliver a tangible product experience to your users, from MVP to rollout.

  • Product & experience design
  • User interface design
  • Functional requirement planning
  • Technical scoping
  • Prioritisation maps
  • Fast track design sprints
  • Prototype & validation sprints
  • Horizon planning
  • Product development roadmaps
  • Agile & sprint capability building


When you want to develop, manage and optimise digital products and experiences.

Our approach

In the build phase, we provide everything from one off project support to dedicated product development teams, as well as ongoing maintenance and optimisation. We use agile methodologies to turn validated requirements into brilliant experiences, built on solid foundations that will support your future growth.

  • Website development
  • iOS & Android mobile development
  • Product management
  • API & platform build
  • User story definition
  • User testing & QA
  • Maintenance & SLAs
  • On-site product teams
  • Agile & sprint capability building
  • Product team development


When you want to launch and scale your product to new audiences, understand performance, and retain and engage existing users.

Our approach

In the grow phase, we help you to find your audience and attract new users with targeted growth plans. We dive into the data to understand how they interact with your products and identify opportunities to improve engagement and drive retention.

  • Product marketing support
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Growth hacking
  • Product-led growth
  • Targeted user acquisition
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Performance optimisation
  • App store optimisation
  • SEO and paid search
I can't recommend 383 highly enough. They understood us and our needs immediately, and adopted our language and terminology within our first meeting. Everyone at 383 is approachable and friendly, they do what they say they will do and often go the extra mile. Their ideas and creative approach to all aspects of their business sets them apart.
Yvonne Smillie

Yvonne Smillie

Deputy Chief Academic Officer

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