Developing a new digital product to help millions of home owners to manage their homes more effortlessly.


As one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers, HomeServe currently have over two million customers relying on them to help take care of their homes, with a wide range of services delivered by a national network of engineers. In response to an increasingly digitally-savvy customer base with high expectations of their service, HomeServe asked 383 to create a vision for and build a new mobile experience for users to effortlessly manage their accounts and assistance needs.


With over 1500 online customer interactions every week and new digital services popping up from traditional and emerging competitors, it was clear there would be an appetite both from within the business and their growing customer base for a mobile product that could be a central place for customers to manage their interactions with HomeServe. We knew that this couldn’t just be another communication channel, but something with genuine utility that would solve customers’ common pain points when trying to diagnose their maintenance issues, booking engineers and making insurance claims.

Our early sketches for the app were designed around the concepts of familiarity and easing moments of anxiety

By designing for moments of high anxiety and a wide range of home emergency, we needed a different approach to prevent both panic in a crisis, and an influx of calls to the emergency line when not needed.

Our approach

Following our tried and tested Think, Design, Make process, we first set out to gain a deeper understanding of HomeServe and, more importantly, its customers via an Immersion Session and a series of customer interviews. Talking to customers showed us that our product design process had to be driven by giving users more control and transparency, alongside speed and ease of use. Ultimately, when it comes to your own home, it’s all about peace of mind – so enabling quick access to a human helper (particularly in emergency situations) was also key. Taking these principles as our guide for the first version of the product, we mapped out the essential features and user flows, and then developed a prototype to be tested with customers.

Our process leads us through initial user research, dedicated focus group sessions & value proposition design to iterative ideation & prototyping


The native mobile app we produced offers HomeServe’s customers a completely new way to manage their homes – prototyped, tested and validated with their real-life customer base. We achieved our chief aim of giving customers more control and transparency over their interactions with HomeServe, with self-service having the added benefit of reducing pressure on other areas of the business. Since the original product launch, we’ve continued to work closely with HomeServe to make regular improvements to the mobile app and deliver a world-class experience for customers.