Helping Cornerstone define and launch a new business model in the men’s shaving category


Cornerstone approached 383 with a vision to sell razors and men’s shaving products on a regular, flexible subscription over the internet. The idea was simple the concept filled less than half a page of A4. Our brief was to turn a concept in a fully fledged business, designing what that experience should be.


The Cornerstone product was a top quality razor and range of wet shaving products, but the proposition we zoomed in on the utility of never finding your bathroom cupboard empty. This became the customer experience goal for the service.

Cornerstone products

Cornerstone’s core challenge was to establish an online brand for a product which is traditionally sold in stores.

Our Approach

As well as working out the design and technology requirements, we collaborated with Cornerstone on defining the customer experience and overall strategy for the service. Our programme of work launched the brand’s online platform in a traditionally offline category.

We paid particular attention to mapping out all stages of the customer journey, identifying potential frictions and areas of concern. We actively designed for these moments ensuring that we were able to inform the user of their order status, product selection and expected delivery date.

Working with the Cornerstone team we developed and tested different product plans, pricing and subscription cycles. As customers came on board we iterated the site and behind the scenes technology to ensure that wherever possible the end-to-end fulfilment process was automated and scaleable.

So that we were able to stay true to the objective of never running out of shaving supplies, the platform would send users email updates to check that they were using the right amount of product, allowing them to easily change their plan to meet their needs.


Cornerstone went from market launch to 5,000 subscribers inside of 6 months and has continued to go from strength to strength.

In little over 3 years, the service has now has 150,000 active users and has won many prestigious accolades including Start-up of the Year, Digital Business of the Year and Product of the Year at awards such as GQ Grooming awards, the Lloyds National Business awards and the PWC UK Private Business awards.

The team will soon be expanding to new categories within the male grooming industry during 2018.

Cornerstone has also attracted additional investment and funding. To date they have raised over £8m, with their most recent round raising £3.5m, led by VC firm Calculus. To read more about the round, view the release here.