Navigating uncertainty in product development

How product managers can navigate uncertainty and manage risk in when creating new products and services.

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Product management is about managing uncertainty and learning what works, quickly.

383 Snapshots is a series of bite size webinar sessions delivered in 30 minutes and hosted by experts in product, design, engineering and strategy.

We share insights into the tools, processes and techniques we use to help our clients solve problems with powerful products, alongside actionable insights into how you can cultivate a product mindset at your organisation.

This time, we’re looking at how to navigate uncertainty to manage and reduce risk in digital product development. Hosted by our Product DirectorLeon Barrett, this session will cover:

  • How to understand and identify risks during product development
  • How to map and validate your assumptions at pace
  • How to create alignment between your product and leadership teams

This webinar will be especially relevant for strategy, design and product teams who:

  • Need to manage and mitigate the risks involved in creating a new product or service
  • Struggle to manage and prioritise feature requests from senior stakeholders
  • Want to make sure they are building the right thing, for the right reasons

There's no magic formula that makes a great product manager great by just knowing what is the right idea. It's about being open-minded, testing things out and experimenting in order to get to the right place.

Leon Barrett,

Product Director, 383

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