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Hear about the challenges of building and scaling product teams in our online panel event.

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Building powerful products starts with building brilliant product teams. And when you are growing rapidly and need to move at pace, that’s not an easy feat.

Not only do you need to hire A-players, get them onboarded, communicate the vision, define your team structures, and implement the right processes and systems, you need to do it all whilst making sure delivery stays consistent, and without sacrificing the culture you’ve worked so hard to build. Not to mention keeping the board on board throughout the journey…

Join us on from 10am on Thursday 16 June for the latest edition of Byte Breakfast, our online panel event looking at trends and themes in digital product. In collaboration with Iris, our product talent acquisition consultancy, we’ll be chatting to product leaders about the challenges of scaling product teams, looking at some of the battles won and lessons learned along the way.

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Meet our panellists

Glen Duncan | Operations Director, 383 & Iris

With almost two decades of commercial operations experience across print, broadcast and ad tech, Glen’s background includes Virgin Media, The Financial Times and The Guardian. He grew the global operations function at high growth start-up Unruly before landing at digital product studio 383, where he has been responsible for creating a more scalable business and developing our talent program. Now leading our sister brand, Iris, Glen is building a product talent consultancy to help businesses reshape the way they hire forever.

Melanie McKay | Head of Product, notonthehighstreet

Melanie stumbled into the world of product management in 2005 after graduating from university. Over her 17 year career includes Transport for London, Rightmove, and now notonthehighstreet. Melanie enjoys working with her team to understand users and spot new opportunities and problems to solve. A key thing she has found throughout her career is that one of the most important, but undervalued, things product management can bring to the party is common sense and logic.

Léa Samrani | Product Lead, Uptime

Léa has been building digital products for a decade. She is currently Lead Product Manager at Uptime and a start-up product consultant. Uptime is a next-generation ed-tech app that presents five-minute knowledge hacks from the world’s best books, courses, documentaries and podcasts, to empower people to gain easy access to the world’s best ideas and thrive in a fast-changing world. Previously she was part of the product team behind Bumble & Badoo dating apps, used by over 500 million people all over the world, and headed the product & design team at CharityJob, building the leading career hub and social network for the non-for-profit sector.

More speakers to be announced!

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