Rapid prototyping

A four-stage rapid process for creating and testing customer-centric digital experiences.

New digital experiences don’t just happen.

Having the design and technical ability to create digital experiences is one thing, but doing so in a customer centric way that actually solves your end user’s pains, whilst also providing a genuine business benefit, requires a new way of thinking.

The challenge for traditional firms is to decide not only which technologies and where they should be deployed, but also how to get them to market quickly and in a customer-ready way.


  • How do you increase speed to market without sacrificing quality of experience?
  • How do you decrease the risk of innovation and limit the impact of failure?
  • How do you know which ideas to prioritise, and which are just distractions?

The rapid prototyping framework allows product teams to test, validate and refine digital experiences at pace to unlock innovation, prioritise product development, and improve customer experience.

Rapid prototyping is a simple enough approach that can deliver real business and customer value. It’s a framework that’s been employed by some of the most innovative technology companies — Google, Spotify, AirBnB, Slack have all talked about their use of design sprints to develop experiences.

Hosted by Leon Barrett, Product Director at digital product studio 383, this 30m webinar will introduce you to a four-stage rapid prototyping process for creating and testing customer-centric digital experiences.

Find out how this approach can:

  • Provide a safe, controlled sandbox for risk-averse companies to prove the case for innovation
  • Allow digital product teams to win – and fail – fast
  • Identify which features and functionality should be prioritised for further development

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