The dangers of falling in love with the product

Why product owners should distance themselves from the product to keep the team on track.

As a product owner, keeping your distance from the product seems like a strange recommendation.

It’s all too tempting to fall in love with what you’re building, but it’s also a common pitfall that can get in the way of what you’re trying to achieve.

383 Snapshots is a series of bite size webinar sessions delivered in 30 minutes and hosted by experts in product, design, engineering and strategy. We share insights into the tools, processes and techniques we use to help our clients solve problems with powerful products, alongside actionable insights into how you can cultivate a product mindset at your organisation.

This time, we’re discussing why product owners need to focus on outcomes over outputs, putting distance between themselves and the product to keep the team on track.

Hosted by Ross Harper, Digital Product Owner at 383, this session will cover:

  • Why teams often fail by focusing too much on the specifics of their product
  • Why focusing on outcomes helps great product teams success
  • A case study of product failure, and tips on how to shift your teams focus

The more dispassionate the team can be about the specifics of the product, the more likely they are to focus on making the product as a whole achieve its purpose.

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