Agile fundamentals

Revisiting the fundamentals of agile and the lessons we've learned transitioning from waterfall to scrum.

The fundamentals of agile are simple. Implementing them can be incredibly complex.

Agile methodologies can help product teams to move at pace, iterate rapidly, pivot quickly, and deliver better outputs. But far too often, agile is misunderstood, used as a buzzword, and confused with individual frameworks or tactics. Getting agile right means going back to basics and keeping the fundamentals at heart.

383 Snapshots is a series of bite size webinar sessions delivered in 30 minutes and hosted by experts in product, design, engineering and strategy. We share insights into the tools, processes and techniques we use to help our clients solve problems with powerful products, alongside actionable insights into how you can cultivate a product mindset at your organisation.

This time, we’re looking at the fundamentals of agile and the lessons we’ve learned transitioning from waterfall to scrum. Hosted by our former Head of Engineering, Matt Asbury (now Head of Front End Engineering at Gymshark), this session will cover:

  • The principles that underpin agile and the problems they can help to solve
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls of adopting agile methodologies and frameworks
  • How to successfully implement agile, set expectations, and take the rest of the business on the journey with you

This webinar will be especially relevant for engineering, software and product teams who:

  • Are adopting agile methodologies, frameworks and ways of working for the first time
  • Are already working in agile, but aren’t getting the most from their current practices
  • Struggle to get buy-in for and understanding of the benefits of agile from the wider business

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