We put together a number of events every year for our growing network of clients and friends. They're a great opportunity to get together, learn something new and meet interesting people.

Canvas Conference

Canvas is our award-winning, digital product and experience conference sharing the insider stories from people solving real customer problems.

A single track, day-long event of inspirational and informative talks for people who design, make and deliver digital products and experiences. In the past, that's included the likes of Netflix, Medium, Spotify and even NASA. There’s no high-level overviews or brand evangelists, we provide actionable insights from real people doing the hard work designing and managing digital products and customer experiences.

Breakfast Workshops

Our breakfast workshops are our quarterly get together of leaders from established organisations responsible for strategy, digital and innovation.

During each breakfast workshop, we work through the pains and challenges facing product and customer experience people, providing insight and perspective on the problems. Attendees can expect to go away 90 minutes later with a sense of direction of what they should be doing next. Free strategy time? Why not.

Dinner Club

Our 383 Dinner Clubs are carefully curated, relaxed dinners at exclusive locations around the country.

Round a typical Dinner Club table you’ll find 383 friends, partners and clients. Our aim is to create a forum where stories, ideas, problems and of course, great food can be shared under the Chatham House rule. A great opportunity to learn new things and meet interesting people in a relaxed and informal environment.


Taking place once a quarter, HydraHack is one of the Midlands' biggest meet-ups for technical people to share ideas, techniques and learn from each other.

Each event takes a theme and we’ll hear a handful of talks and demos around that topic from specially curated guest speakers. If you've not come along before you'll find a bunch of friendly, passionate and chatty developers who love what they do and have lots of interesting stuff to share. New faces very welcome.