CanvasFest 2020

Two weeks of digital events and activities for product people

As we begin to make sense of our new ‘normal’ and the horizon begins to clear, we’ve been working behind the scenes to bring together a new digital experience that’s uniquely ‘Canvas’ and is solely focused on bringing our community together.

We were gutted to move Canvas to March 2021, but in fact, it offered us a unique opportunity to put together something special and add real value to our audience (you!)

Our mission has and always will be, to connect makers with other makers.

With that in mind…

Introducing CanvasFest 2020

CanvasFest is a two week, online digital festival that’ll be taking place from Thursday 8 to Wednesday 21 October 2020. Over the course of two weeks, you can expect to see a series of collaborative mini-talks, challenges, Q&As, and opportunities to get your work reviewed by product leaders. 

We know that now, more than ever, our community needs support and guidance and that’s why CanvasFest has been curated. 

We’re pulling back the curtain and letting you peer in on what it takes to create an out of this world digital product, with opportunities to learn directly from those on the front lines of designing, building and managing digital products and experiences.

Canvas is a community run by and for product people. We connect makers with makers to share insider stories from the world of digital products, delivering actionable insights to help product designers, developers and managers elevate their craft - and that’s not changing.

What can I expect to see during CanvasFest?

Before you go any further, let me make this clear, this is NOT just another ‘digital event’.

In fact, you won’t see your ‘normal’ digital event at all over these two weeks.

This is all about you – the Canvas community. 

How can we bring you together, without taking up hours of your time, and deliver high-value content, stories and actionable insights?

A collaborative schedule touching on all things digital & product.

Portfolio reviews: we’re lucky enough to have built an amazing network of UX and product design leaders who have kindly agreed to share their skills and experience with the Canvas community through 1:1 portfolio reviews.

Hack challenge: keeping in line with our Canvas 2021 theme, we’re partnering with a not for profit organisation as we explore ethical design and accessibility.

Lightning talks: lasting no more than ten minutes, these mini-talks have been designed to give you the most value, with minimum time needed! We’re inviting digital experts to take over Canvas’ social channels to share their insights and stories on building digital products. Look out for some of our favourite Canvas speakers, past and present!

#AMA: once the mini-talks are over, you can expect to see our speakers on Canvas social channels answering your questions on the talk, or anything else for that matter!.

Canvas replay: we’ll be reliving some of our Canvas highlights and digging out our favourite talks from the archives.

Careers clinic: online panel and Q&A sessions with leaders in design, engineering and product management to discuss how to build and advance a career in digital product.

The best bit about all this?

It’s free. Zilch. Nada. 

Yup, there are no hidden costs here – we’re sticking to our mission and delivering all of this at no extra cost to you. The best resources. The best content. And the best guests.

Get involved!

With all this kicking off, there are loads of opportunities for people & businesses to get involved with CanvasFest!

Speakers: fancy giving a mini lightning-talk and think you’ve got an interesting angle? We’d love to hear from you!

Sponsors: want to partner with us and help us reach an audience of amazing product people all across the UK? Get in touch!

Community: interested in a portfolio review, or want to get involved in some other way?

We’re all ears!

Get in touch with myself at and let’s have a chat about how you can take part.

We have so much great stuff going on over the two weeks and the more collaborative it is, the more impactful it will be – so don’t be shy and drop me an email!

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