Canvas Conference 2019

Closing the curtain on our 8th annual digital product conference in Birmingham.

Every year, we welcome hundreds of product people to join us for a day of insider stories from people building and managing some of the best brands, products and digital experiences going.

2019 was no exception.

On the 10th October, we were joined by some of the brightest minds in digital to hear talks from 9 brands spanning many different industries including travel and transport, education, energy and retail.

Canvas 2019 wrap-up

This year, we were joined by speakers from Rightmove, IF, National Express, Citymapper, Virgin Atlantic, the BBC’s voice team, Busy Bees, Octopus Energy and Future Learn. Each speaker shared a story about how things were being done in their team, the problems and challenges they were facing and how they were overcoming them.

But the most interesting part wasn’t learning what worked or what didn’t, it’s the process they went through, how they went about it and what they learnt – and this is always the main thing for a Canvas talk – how.

Language as a common theme

Language was a clear theme this year across many of the talks – UX writing, translating terminology inside the business across different departments and getting back to basics to articulate a clear message. Martyn at Virgin Atlantic told us about the acronym database they have, Lisa at the BBC’s voice team told us about the importance of simplicity when designing products specifically aimed at children and Ella at IF summarised the importance of having story-tellers in the product team and the vital role they play in connecting the dots.

Coupled with all that, Rob at National Express told us about how to position things to the board to ensure buy-in for projects of ‘risk’ and Rebecca at Octopus Energy gave us a great insight into how they use the most simple language to convey things to their customers – a refreshing change to the normal complexity of the energy sector.

Lisa Vigar at the BBC's voice team told us about designing voice products for children.

All our talks will be available very soon to watch in full.

If you missed out on attending Canvas this year, fear not – tickets for 2020’s event (our ninth!) are now on-sale. Join us for another day of insider stories in October 2020 in Birmingham.

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