Canvas Conference 2018

Enjoy all the talks from this year's Canvas Conference.

On the 4th October, we delivered our 7th Canvas Conference to over 300 digital, product and strategy people in Birmingham. We’re always amazed at the people we meet and the support we receive and this year was another inspiring and educational day of insider talks. Our thanks goes out to everyone involved who helped us, especially our main partners for the event, Swrve. They’re really good at helping brands talk to customers as individuals – sounds simple, but in a world of apps, wearables and multi-screens, it’s no easy task!

Team Canvas

If you made it along this year, we hope you enjoyed the day. If you didn’t, hopefully #Canvasconf kept you entertained and informed around what was happening. Not only did we hear some truly inspiring stories from people working at really interesting companies, but we also met a bunch of talented and passionate people from the Canvas community.

If you didn’t make it along, we’re already working on next year’s event (and super early bird tickets are on sale now) with Canvas 2019 happening on the 10th October.

The talks in full

Across the day we heard some extremely interesting and inspiring talks from people from a wealth of companies operating different models across different sectors. We filmed all the talks in full, so grab a tea and a biscuit and settle down…

Designing Experiences

The peg only looks square: Design research as a growth accelerant

Jane, Lead Design Researcher at Dropbox, discussed the approaches used to incorporate design research into an experiment-driven company and how Dropbox growth uses it to experiment and launch quickly.

Jane Davis - Dropbox

Designing well at scale is hard.

Martin discussed how design thinking is being used to scale experience design inside Sainsbury’s, a 150-year-old business as they aim to become the UK’s most trusted retailer.

Martin White - Sainsbury's

Learning and diversity

If we’re all the same, how can we think differently?

Founder of The Dots, Pip looked at the critical importance of diverse teams when it comes to product design and put forward 10 tips to building a diverse team.

Pip Jamieson - The Dots

People before product: How to unlock the potential of your teams to excel

Ilze’s talk, ‘people before product’, shared 3 Cs and their importance – Care, Chemistry and Consistency and how they’re used to motivate and unlock the potential inside‘s product teams.

Ilze Dreyer -

Building and scaling

Starting up in an old industry

Jane founded The Labrador, a service massively disrupting the energy market. She shared the story of conceiving Labrador and how they’ve scaled to where they are now.

Jane Lucy - The Labrador

Innovating a 140-year-old experience

Jordan outlined how bone conduction technology is set to fundamentally change the future of voice communication. Soon, the relatively unchanged UX of using the telephone could change massively.

Jordan McRae - Mobilus Labs

Insider stories

The absurdity of product management

Over 20 years of product management experience, Photobox Chief Product Officer Dave, shares the insider story of what he’s learnt over his career and offers tips for better product management.

Dave Wascha - Photobox

Endings. Why you need to care a lot more

Whilst there’s a huge focus on the on-boarding experience, attention is rarely paid to designing endings and off-boarding. Author and Founder of Ends., Joe took us through his experience in designing endings and the benefits it brings to businesses.

Joe Macleod - Ends.

We’re so thankful for everyone’s support, this year and before. We’re working hard on next year’s event and have listened to all the feedback we’ve received so far, acting on it to make 2019 an even better event experience. If you have any questions or want to know more about Canvas, or would like to get involved, drop us an email to