Canvas 2015

The full talks

We’ve had some amazing feedback from both people who attended Canvas and those that followed from afar. All 10 of our speakers were incredible and we’re thrilled to be able to share those talks with you.

The learnings were literally out of this world.

Ten talks to 300 people across seven hours, Canvas was a day for learning, sharing and meeting new and interesting people. If you came; thanks for your support and we hope you got as much from the day as we did. If you didn’t manage to this time; enjoy the talks and please tell us if you’re interested in next year and we’ll ensure you’re on the early bird notification list.

Connected Products

We kicked off the morning session with Tom Guy from Hive. They’ve been working on a range of smart and beautiful devices for the home. Our second session was Julien from Withings; he shared their approach for designing and marketing smart wearable products.

Data & Analytics

Joe shared insights from Medium’s data analytics platform and A/B testing framework. Liz from Birchbox talked about the logistics of beauty boxes and how email marketing is more effective when it’s sent at exactly the right time.

Designing Products & Services

Our next set of speakers dove into the challenges of designing products and services. Dave from Travelex broke down the complexities of launching a new financial product in a large organisation. We heard from Tom at GoCardless on the dangers of building a product for two totally different audiences. Finally, we heard from Jaime at Etsy whose team has been working on re-organising search.

To the Future

In our final session, Edd from Graze told the story of how they grew from a tiny warehouse to a growing retail operation across two continents. Next, we were joined by Aaron from TED, who shared stories from what he’s learned over the last few years developing products to help spread ideas.

Every year, we like to finish Canvas with a talk filled with big ideas. This year, we were joined by Catharine Conley, who is Planetary Protection Officer at NASA. She spoke about how NASA is taking steps to protect other planets when we explore space, and what’s going on on Mars.