10 things you might not know about Canvas...

This year Canvas turns 10. So we’re looking back over the years, letting you in on some Canvas facts you might know and seeing what the future holds...

As Canvas approaches its 10th birthday, we take a moment to reflect on the last decade. There’s been plenty of highlights, the occasional low-light, and I wanted to share some Canvas facts with you that you might not know…

The beginning...

Originally, Canvas started out as a developer conference, it was an opportunity to grow a community of like-minded digital doers and discuss what people in our industry were working on, how they were building it, and what insights and techniques they could share.

Since the first Canvas a decade ago, we’ve evolved and grown a lot.

Each year, we bring together a collection of voices that offer new ways to approach creating digital products and experiences.

10 things you might not know about Canvas

  1. The first Canvas took place at the Orange Studio in Birmingham and we invited speakers from Guardian, Nokia and Adobe. Our first Canvas had 35 guests; Canvas X is welcoming an audience of 400+ (that’s an increase of 1043%!).
  2. We’ve heard insider stories from 76 speakers spanning 72 different brands including SpaceX, BBC, Google, Facebook, Nasa, Microsoft, Netflix and Spotify, amongst others.
  3. We’ve welcomed over 2,500 product people from 31 countries for a day of content and networking all designed to help them elevate their craft.
  4. We’ve hosted nine sold-out events taking over some of the finest venues Birmingham has to offer, including Birmingham Rep, Orange Studio & Austin Court. 
  5. We served arguably the world’s worst burrito (we’re still sorry about that!)
  6. We’ve partnered with over 20 brands to shape and grow the Canvas experience, including BT, Sketch, IBM, InVision, ITV and more.
  7. In 2020, we pivoted to a digital-only Canvas for the first time, capturing 17 hours of footage across a series of keynotes, roundtables, fireside chats and breakout sessions.
  8. The Canvas community of product people includes designers, engineers, owners, strategists, CDOs, CPOs and more.
  9.  We’ve heard speakers from 32 different industries spanning digital, design, financial services, retail, education, travel, aerospace, not-for-profits (to name a few!).
  10. We’ve never sold a speaking slot. Canvas is invite-only, we aim to keep the event experience as authentic as possible, featuring speakers from the front lines of digital product, working on interesting platforms and experiences.

We bring together a collection of voices that offer new ways to approach creating digital products and experiences

The future of Canvas

As we look forward to future Canvas’ it’s impossible not to reflect on the last 10 years and appreciate where we’ve come from. We recognise that now, more than ever, we need to create a unique and fresh experience that positively impacts our communities’ lives.

And that’s why we can’t wait to open the doors to Canvas X on November 18 at Cineworld, Birmingham! With a full venue takeover, a day of content, an IMAX screen with an integrated sound system, multiple networking locations (and even branded popcorn!), we now have the venue to take the Canvas experience to the next level. 

If you want to join us, and hundreds of other like-minded product people, be quick! Early bird tickets have sold out and tickets are currently at £249 – get yours now!

Canvas is always growing and we have loads of exciting stuff going on – keep up to date with our plans on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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