10 Minute Guide to Rapid Prototyping

We take a look at how large organisations can use Rapid Prototyping to create digital experiences like the world's fastest tech companies.

With an ever-moving environment, it’s vital that companies are able to keep pace with changing customers, competitors and technology. Key to this is launching new digital experiences, and doing that quickly. Having the design and technical ability to create digital experiences is one thing, but doing so in a customer-centric way that actually solves your end user’s pains and provides a genuine business benefit requires a new way of thinking.

New digital experiences don't just happen

We see a number of challenges faced by traditional businesses when it comes to generating and launching new propositions.

  • Navigating the internal red tape, sign off and approval processes when trying to launch new propositions.
  • ‘Innovation’ and new product thinking tends to happen within a known space, most struggle to think outside of the more traditional and ‘safe’ limits.
  • Knowing how much effort to invest in an idea so that you can validate and seek further investment can be dif cult, let alone picking the right ideas to back.
10 Minute Guide Rapid Prototyping

In the latest edition of our 10 Minute Guide series, authored by 383 Product Director Leon Barrett, we aim to answer these questions and introduce you to our Rapid Prototyping Framework. This is a tried and tested method that we’ve used with a wide range of clients, both big and small, across diverse sectors covering retail, hospitality, insurance, travel and childcare. It’s a four-step process that covers ideation, service design, prototyping and ongoing product development.

What's Inside?

  • We share our 4-step process for creating, validating prototyping and launching new propositions.
  • We take an in-depth look at how E.On, one of the UK’s largest energy companies, is managing the process of creating and launching new propositions.
  • We answer the age-old question of where good ideas come from and how they can be nurtured.

If you’re interested in how the world’s most disruptive companies are keeping pace with changing customers, competitors and technology, you should attend Canvas, our annual product conference held on October 4th at the Birmingham Rep Theatre. This year you’ll be hearing from the likes of Dropbox, Booking.com and Labrador, amongst many more.

Download a free copy of our 10 Minute Guide to Rapid Prototyping.

Or alternatively, if you want to know more about the framework or have any questions about its application, feel free to drop Leon an email directly – Leon@383project.com