Day One is designed as a first step for organisations who want to understand how to discover and progress ideas for new products and services.

Hack Days are focused on tackling market provocations with new ideas which can be demonstrated in a day. Typically after these workshops a full prototype sprint would follow.

Day One is designed for organisations interested in how to discover and progress new product and service ideas. It exists as a first step to help organisations start 'doing' more easily.

The objective is not to educate people with interesting theory to ponder back at their desks, but to empower them to start doing.

“An extremely well-run and interesting session on innovation and ideation. We achieved a lot in a short period of time and are able to move forwards with some practical new skills”

- Rod Wilmott

Fast Track Director - LV

What's the content?

During the day, we'll cover these things

Utility Value

Why should utility value matter and what difference does 'usefulness' play in informing why people hire a brand?

Products & Services

What value should good products and services bring to the people that use them and the organisations that make them?

Advertising Utility

What role does advertising and marketing have in this thinking?

Rapid Prototyping

What is an MVP and how do you get started with rapid prototyping?

Our approach is centred on our core belief that for innovation to be purposeful it needs to be rooted in utility. We'll introduce teams to some frameworks to help identify user needs, such as jobs to be done. Work through how these develop in to user stories and finally, explain how ideas get turned in to MVPs (minimum viable product).

What's the format?

Day One is practical and people who attend should be up for participating, not just listening.

We encourage a blended room of people from across the business. Typically involving product, marketing, UX and design teams. We also insist on senior and board level attendees.

We also won't be the only ones talking. No one knows the business better than the people who work there; we'll brief a few people in advance with some questions we'd like them to share thoughts on during the day.

Working at the LV Day one Workshop

What are the outcomes?

Day One workshops help clients arrive at one off ideas that they'd like to validate through a prototype sprint or Hack Day.

Often Day One also causes a wider refocusing of a businesses overall innovation strategy. Changing the way business operates both internally and with external R&D partners.

If you're interested in how a Day One session will help your organisation then get in touch here.

A collaborative workshop where blended UX, design and developer teams from 383 work with clients to demo new product and service ideas.

A Hack day is for organisations who want to create demonstrators for new products and services in under a day. A hack day is perfect for organisations who've identified specific market provocations to tackle (which we can help with), or businesses who want to integrate internal staff with a hack team from 383.

“Massively enjoyable and productive. We came out with three really viable concepts”

- Marc Langsman

Innovation Manager - Universal Music

What's the format?

We firmly believe that hackdays need specific parameters to work well.

Validated provocations provide a jumping off point for teams to ideate around. One hack team, typically involving no more than 6 people works on one provocation throughout the day. Days can involve multiple teams. We encourage everyone to follow a specific methodology to asses ideas based around user needs and utility value.

Once an idea has emerged, teams get busy with paper prototypes, design and code. At the end of the day ideas and the stories behind them are demo'd to a wider group.

What's the prize?

The reward for a great idea should be the ability to explore it further, not a pat on the back and a shiny voucher.

We're not fans of strange prizes as incentives, particularly when hosting something internally for an organisation. Having senior conversations with clients about their willingness to prototype ideas beyond one day demonstrators is key. Agreeing in advance that there's a budget and appetite to progress preferred ideas through to working prototypes is a much better incentive than any other prize.

Working at the Universal Music Group Hack Day

What are the Outcomes?

The objective of a Hack Day isn't to create something highly polished, but to demonstrate a solid idea and user case. Typically at least one teams idea will lead on to a full prototype sprint.

If you're interested in how a Hack Day could help your organisation then get in touch here.