The Start

an ecosystem of useful features
around the brand.

In 1977 when Polar developed the world's first wireless heart rate monitor they didn't just create a new product, but an entirely new category for wearable consumer technology in sports.

Since then, the company has grown to become a global sports brand and a major player in the exercise and fitness market.

Polar partnered with 383 to develop a new brand positioning and improved user experience across their key consumer touch points.

The three year program of work would take us from brand strategy, all the way through to individual product launch marketing. Our focus throughout was to elevate the most useful features of the brand in to an understandable consumer eco system that we called 'Smart Coaching'.

What's in a brand?.

With an incredible heritage of innovation, we needed to help distill years of Polar breakthroughs into a clear customer proposition

Listening to the fitness market.

Our approach began by understanding how people behaved around the Polar brand. Through various user research methodologies we were able to identify key intangible benefits that users hired Polar product for and group customers around these needs.

A brand essence to inspire.

We then looked at the brand wrapper which orbited these core benefits. Our aim was to look at the genuine Polar brand story and pull unique values that were true, relevant and differentiated from other brands in the category.

Magnified image
Magnified image
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Brand actions and behaviours.

383 created a new global visual language and redefined the brand story around Polar product. We created guidance documents for internal teams that were designed to empower, not restrict.

Our focus was on action; defining things Polar could do for users, rather than things they could say to them.

The next step

Taking the product story
to market.

Working with Polar's global teams in Finland we then began to roll this new brand thinking across a roadmap of new product launches. We overhauled every touch point; from online film, to in-store POS and in-home product unboxing.

Photo and video shoots took us to Portland, Cape Town, Barcelona and Tenerife, to find authentic use cases that matched our original segmentations.

Our aim throughout was to evoke an implicit confidence in the 'science' behind the benefits; less shouting about the technology breakthroughs and more about the training breakthroughs.

Shooting on Table Mountain
The crew in Portland, Oregon
Shooting with the Iron Man world champion in Tenerife

The Outcome.

Over three years we successfully supported Polar in defining a new direction for the brand and applying the thinking across a number of new product and service launches.

The new brand ecosystem focused on the utility that Polar provided customers, creating a scaleable model for future product launches and strengthening the brands presence in a disrupted market.