Jaguar Land Rover

Helping to test, validate and prototype ‘toBoot’ - a new digitally enabled delivery service for Jaguar Land Rover.

Recently we have been working closely with a new business set up by JLR, InMotion. They are responsible for exploring future business models that exist outside of their existing manufacturing model, keeping them relevant as their industry evolves.


With the concept of car ownership set to change dramatically, JLR recognises the need to innovate around their key product offering and the InMotion subsidiary is the perfect place in which to do that.

We have been working with InMotion to carry out high level qualitative research to learn about emerging travel and transport issues that need solving.

The insights from this have led to a set of closed real-world experiments, testing multiple approaches to see which projects might be developed further.

Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover

Improving the experience of delivery

Our first experiment with InMotion centred around the problem with missed deliveries.

Working in collaboration with the InMotion team, we spent three months building out the business case, conducting quantitative and qualitative research, designing the pilot, recruiting a beta squad and building a minimum viable product to prove a set of hypotheses that we crafted with InMotion, based on user and market research.

What if, instead of dealing with the hassle of not receiving items when you’re not at home, you could have them delivered directly to the boot of your car?

Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover

The result was ‘toBoot’ - a delivery service that helps tech savvy JLR owners who want to conveniently receive parcels, by delivering directly to their vehicle wherever they are and saving them the time usually spent waiting for a parcel from regular delivery services.

We have also been working closely with one of the UK’s most prestigious retailers to deliver this new service to JLR owners, with a view to rolling this experience out to all JLR owners as well as other automotive manufacturers as a white label platform.

The Outcome

The result was that we validated an idea, produced a viable prototype delivered in 8 weeks and created the beginning of a lucrative new business for JLR.

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