Meet our

Award winning team.

383 is made up of award winning thinkers, designers and makers. We work in pods, which are designed to be democratic and self governing teams orbiting around client needs. We tend to focus more on skills than titles, but if you're looking for titles then expect to find producers, analysts, experience designers, strategists and technologists in our midst.

Within our team we've got a whole host of experience and backgrounds. People who've been in charge of UX client side at companies like Nokia, people who've won BAFTA's and D&AD awards, people who've made stuff for some of the world's biggest brands like Disney and Coca-Cola and some people who've not done any of that yet, but will do it here.

Currently there's just over 30 people in the team at 383. Here's some of them...
People and Place

John Newbold

Creative Director & Co-Founder

People and Place

Sukhi Dehal

Managing director & Co-Founder

People and Place

Jacob Dutton

Strategy director

People and Place

Leon Barrett

Head of Development

People and Place

Peter Honnor

Head of User Experience

People and Place

Tom Martin

Labs Producer

People and Place

Karl Randay

Senior Producer

People and Place

Lucy McNally

Head of Project Management

People and Place

Asha Ghosh

Senior Client Partner