Visualising the future for Tado and HomeServe

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Dan Archer
Marketing Director

Dan Archer

Dan Archer

Marketing Director

HomeServe gave us the opportunity to apply our UX thinking to a key partnership they have been fostering.

HomeServe have recently been working in partnership with Tado to offer On Demand services to customers with boiler issues that Tado can recognise and diagnose, with HomeServe offering the support and maintenance solutions.

To support this partnership, HomeServe approached 383 to help conceptualise the future experience of Tado users, and visualise how Tado users could seamlessly integrate into the HomeServe service offering.

Our brief was simple - create a clear, realistic & aspirational user journey to visualise how HomeServe can seamlessly integrate support services into a smart home platform.

To communicate the journey, we agreed that the best way to bring this to life was through a video similar to our Nosee experiment, and this would galvanise everyone at HomeServe and Tado around a clear shared vision. Our end deliverable was also scheduled to be presented at a key internal conference within the HomeServe group, so the final level of finish and polish needed to be very high.

Mapping the end to end user experience.

With brief in hand, we recognised that the key to the success of the vision lay, quite simply, in the experience being seamless and effortless to the end user.

We initially honed in on our key persona - Tado Tom - who represented a fairly technical user, had purchased and installed a Tado device by himself, rather than through any service or support provider. This meant that whilst Tom was technically competent with how Tado can, and should work, he was limited in his knowledge of boiler fault diagnosis and maintenance.

To prototype Tom’s journey, we worked closely with the Tado and HomeServe innovation teams to really understand the capabilities of the Tado platform, and the range of service currently on offer to On Demand customers.

Only by fully understanding the user's behaviours and traits can you create a journey that mitigates the pinch points in the user experience.

Through this deep understanding of both the Tado and HomeServe services, we created a journey that described Tado Tom’s experience from his daily routine, to fault diagnosis via his Tado device and onto service support and resolution from the HomeServe On Demand team within a seamless experience.

To create the video, we recorded footage at various locations in and around our studio in the Jewellery Quarter, with final editing taking place with direct input from the HomeServe team. Here's the finished film:

Turning an idea into a vision of an integrated user experience. Speaking with Craig Foster, Strategy & Innovation Director, he said “The Internet of Things will have a fundamental impact on the home assistance industry. HomeServe’s partnership with Tado is key to our strategy, as we start to integrate our home assistance services with smart home platforms. 383 helped us turn our idea into a vision of an integrated user experience. The video has had a huge impact on the whole organisation, as well as galvanising our friends at Tado around a shared vision of what we are aiming to build.

We are now working with 383 on testing and building this user experience for real.”

Within both 383 and HomeServe, we’re all extremely pleased and proud of the content and experience created and we are now working to bring the experience to life and currently testing with real customers - a great result all round!