The 383 team love to keep up with industry developments, and share some of our own thinking on the future of digital experiences. This blog is a collection of thought pieces from our wider team, as well as us sharing interesting reading from across the web.

  • Posted September, 2015

    Byte Breakfast - Delivering digital products

    Byte is our regular meet up of people working across different sectors to talk product, innovation and shaping exceptional customer experiences. For this Byte we were joined by Hilton Hotels to look at what it takes to deliver digital products in large organisations.

  • Posted August, 2015

    Nominations in the BIMA, DADI and Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2015

    It’s been a busy few weeks at 383 regarding awards and we’re thrilled to be nominated in a number of different categories for some of the UK’s most prestigious accolades. It’s really humbling to be finalists alongside some of the best in digital.

  • Posted August, 2015

    A look to the future - self driving cars

    Last year we outlined our thoughts for what the future of in-car UX might look like. With the race for autonomous vehicles now hotting up, what’s the impact going to be when they’re fully developed and rolled out and how does this affect our in-car experience?

  • Posted July, 2015

    Canvas Conf - back for 2015

    It’s that time again. Our product and customer experience conference Canvas is one of the highlights of our calendar, I’d love to share with you what we’ve got in store for this year.

  • Posted July, 2015

    The Internet of (actual) Things

    We attended the demo day for the new Hive Home product suite, including the latest iteration of the market leading Hive 2 connected thermostat. This got us thinking that some of the most exciting innovations won’t necessarily come from startups, agencies or established enterprises but from a blend of all three.