The 383 team love to keep up with industry developments, and share some of our own thinking on the future of digital experiences. This blog is a collection of thought pieces from our wider team, as well as us sharing interesting reading from across the web.

  • Posted April, 2017

    Is the growth of AI a trend or a turning point?

    You’ve probably already read a million trend-pieces about how AI is taking over the world. It’s becoming more evident by the day that it’s far more than that - so savvy product-makers are starting to think in depth about the new principles that should guide these new experiences and on true utility for consumers.

  • Posted January, 2017

    Getting Big Data to Work at JustGiving

    People often think that it’s only technology giants such as Facebook, Amazon or Google that can truly leverage the power of big data. At last year’s Canvas Conference, the Chief Analytics Officer at JustGiving spoke about how smaller, less technical companies can approach this area, with huge benefits.

  • Posted November, 2016

    Sprints, not Marathons

    Over the past 10 years, startups such as Spotify and Netflix have experienced massive growth - but they’ve managed to keep their startup-like agility. The latest in our 10 Minute Guide series looks at how large companies can borrow from their processes to iterate and innovate like the world’s fastest technology companies.

  • Posted November, 2016

    Faultlines of disruption in global hospitality

    Recently our Strategy Director John spoke about bots, automation and messaging in the Travel sector at leading industry event World Travel Market. We also made some time to attend Skift’s mini forum, ‘The Faultlines of Disruption in Global Hospitality’ - here’s what we learnt.

  • Posted November, 2016

    Canvas Conference 2016 - The Full Talks.

    On 20th October 2016, over 300 product people filled the Library of Birmingham for our fifth edition of Canvas Conference. All 11 of our speakers promised to share their insider stories, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. We’re thrilled to be able to share those talks with you, in full.