The 383 team love to keep up with industry developments, and share some of our own thinking on the future of digital experiences. This blog is a collection of thought pieces from our wider team, as well as us sharing interesting reading from across the web.

  • Posted September, 2014

    Improving the UX of ticketing with Twitter Payments

    A couple of weeks back we were halfway through a little hypothetical post on improving the UX of ticketing when Twitter announced they’re currently playing around with payments. It’s not clear yet if, or how, this will roll out, but we think it nudges a lot of our ideas below a lot nearer;

  • Posted August, 2014

    UX in the field

    Speaking to end users can sometimes be challenging — there are often legal hurdles to overcome, tracking down the "right" users is always difficult and sometimes clients can be quite wary of an external party speaking directly to their customers.