A couple of weeks ago now Birmingham was named 19th in the New York times places to visit in 2012 list, primarily for its fantastic food offering. At 383 we’re big food fans, and so were fully supportive of the view that Birmingham has a lot to offer the hungry stomach.

All the talk online after the article gave us a little idea for a side project which we’ve spent some time throwing together and are now sending out in to the wild. It’s called brumDished, and it’s a quick way of people sharing what they’re eating and where they’re eating it in and around Birmingham. Think of it as a socially generated gallery of good eats around the city – a way to curate all those different snaps floating around different networks in one place for the world to see.

You can view the site at brumdished.co.uk, and if you want to add to it, simply tweet a picture with the hashtag #brumdished or use the submit form. So, if you think you’ve eaten Birmingham’s best balti or know the king of the kebabs, just share your picture and we’ll pick it up.

(It’s also worth noting, before anyone asks, that this isn’t a startup. Nor is it supported by any agency around the city. There won’t be ads appearing at a later date and no funding has gone in to it beyond the time that we’ve spent hacking on it. It’s just something fun we thought people would like! Bon App├ętit.)