Byte Breakfast - Delivering digital products

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Dan Archer
Marketing Director

Dan Archer

Dan Archer

Marketing Director

Byte is our regular meet-up of people from across different sectors and organisations to talk product, innovation and changing customer behaviour.

A closer look at the principles and processes behind delivering useful new digital products & services in complex companies.

We recently held another breakfast in our series of regular meet ups - this time we discussed the principles and best practices behind delivering new digital products and services within complex organisations.

Rather than looking to long-term innovation strategies, we wanted to focus on the more immediate future - what actions can large organisations undertake to create, test & launch new digital products that benefit their customers right now?

383's Strategy Lead Tom kicked things off, sharing his insights into building a new digital product or service. He discussed the three key aspects of this process; how to identify the problems you're looking to solve, how to figure out the smallest possible solution and then how to measure and learn from your prototypes.

There are three key aspects when building the right product

Following Tom's talk, we were joined by Dominic Shelley, an experienced intrapreneur who shared his warts and all experiences of getting stuff done in large enterprises, currently in the NRD team at Hilton Worldwide.

Intrapreneurs are 'dreamers who do'

After 25 years of working in massive organisations like Netscape and AOL, Dom's insights into being an effective intrapreneur were vast and his advice mainly centred on the tricky balance between working with corporate process and pushing the limits of what you can do.

He described intrapreneurship as picking up on those great ideas for new products and services that float around a company, and went then into detail on how those entrepreneurial-minded people can navigate (sometimes restrictive) internal processes to bring their ideas to life.

Dom left us with the sentiment that anyone has the capability to be an intrapreneur and bring real change to their organisation; it all starts with asking more questions. We'll bring you Dom's talk as soon as we can.

Our final Byte of the year will take place in November, if you'd like to find out more about it then get in touch.