The 383 team love to keep up with industry developments, and share some of our own thinking on the future of digital experiences. This blog is a collection of thought pieces from our wider team, as well as us sharing interesting reading from across the web.

  • Posted June, 2017

    Better Proposition Validation

    At 383, we help clients to create, test and validate new customer propositions and ideas - often trying to test whether one proposition is ‘better’ than the other, which can be difficult with only a small amount of users. In this post, our data analyst Holly Emblem explores how Bayesian testing can help improve this process for better results.

  • Posted June, 2017

    Where next for the Smart Home?

    There’s a war going on to control your home between Amazon, Google, Apple and a whole host of other brands and platforms. Today however, the smart home scene is the domain of the interested and the enabled.

  • Posted May, 2017

    Launching London Midland Labs

    For the past few months, we’ve been working with train operator London Midland to run their new Labs programme; an innovation lab that brings together new technology projects, customer experience research and a startup accelerator. The initiative is a first for the rail industry - so there’s a lot of buzz around what it is & how it works. This post is an overview of the launch event that started the whole thing.

  • Posted April, 2017

    Announcing Canvas 2017

    It’s that time of year again; announcing the launch of this year’s Canvas Conference. This October, we’ll be back in Birmingham for a day of thought and action provoking talks from people at the coalface of building some of the world’s most interesting products and services.

  • Posted April, 2017

    Is the growth of AI a trend or a turning point?

    You’ve probably already read a million trend-pieces about how AI is taking over the world. It’s becoming more evident by the day that it’s far more than that - so savvy product-makers are starting to think in depth about the new principles that should guide these new experiences and on true utility for consumers.