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  • Posted May, 2016

    Moving towards digital healthcare

    A large, complicated organisation like the NHS has more incentive than most to ‘go digital’; delivering better quality healthcare to UK citizens. Our Design Associate Luiza takes a look at how the institution is adapting to the changing needs of its users.

  • Posted May, 2016

    More speakers announced for Canvas 2016

    With just over 5 months to go until Canvas, we’d like to share some exciting news on what we’ve got in store for 2016.

  • Posted May, 2016

    Byte Breakfast - Attention, friction and the customer travel journey

    Byte is our regular meetup of people from across different sectors and organisations to talk product, innovation and changing customer behaviour. Our April event looked at how travel brands are making broader plays across the customer journey, to re-gain attention from an increasing number of competitors.

  • Posted April, 2016

    Rethinking business models for the digital age

    The most successful organisations know how to adapt in a world of changing customers and competitors; this post is a look at how business model innovation is an essential part of that process.

  • Posted March, 2016

    'The Dakar Rally of development’: A Journey to Agile

    In this post, Engineering Principal Luke Lanchester talks about the benefits he’s seen from shaking up our approach to building new products.