The 383 team love to keep up with industry developments, and share some of our own thinking on the future of digital experiences. This blog is a collection of thought pieces from our wider team, as well as us sharing interesting reading from across the web.

  • Posted September, 2017

    Sponsor Spotlight: Behind the Product - mParticle

    Our headline sponsor for Canvas 2017 is mParticle, a customer data platform that empowers marketers to integrate and orchestrate their entire technology stack to win in key moments of the customer journey. They’ve been lauded as one of the most interesting companies to watch in marketing tech right now.

  • Posted August, 2017

    Data can provide the answers - but what are the questions?

    In the 21st century, we’re seeing a new trend in thinking about data, driven by the ability to not only collect huge amounts of data but also analyse it in ways that were not possible or not feasible before. How can asking the right questions lead to the making the right decisions.

  • Posted June, 2017

    Better Proposition Validation

    At 383, we help clients to create, test and validate new customer propositions and ideas - often trying to test whether one proposition is ‘better’ than the other, which can be difficult with only a small amount of users. In this post, our data analyst Holly Emblem explores how Bayesian testing can help improve this process for better results.

  • Posted June, 2017

    Where next for the Smart Home?

    There’s a war going on to control your home between Amazon, Google, Apple and a whole host of other brands and platforms. Today however, the smart home scene is the domain of the interested and the enabled.

  • Posted May, 2017

    Launching London Midland Labs

    For the past few months, we’ve been working with train operator London Midland to run their new Labs programme; an innovation lab that brings together new technology projects, customer experience research and a startup accelerator. The initiative is a first for the rail industry - so there’s a lot of buzz around what it is & how it works. This post is an overview of the launch event that started the whole thing.